Smother that in chocolate please (we’ll take care of the accounts)!

There are few things we here at KashFlow enjoy as much as helping our customers simplify how they run their businesses. Because if their business isn’t accounting, they shouldn’t be spending valuable hours working as if it is.

We also enjoy hearing from KashFlow customers about how our cloud accounting software is helping them succeed.

And chocolate.

Combine the two (chocolate and stories of success) and you’ve got a match made in online heaven.

So we’re thrilled to hear that our easy to use software has helped KashFlow newcomer, Mighty Fine Custom Chocolate, ‘revolutionise’ how they work. And those aren’t our words, that’s a compliment straight from Mighty Fine Managing Director Kit Tomlinson.

From its market stall origins in East London, to a current Camden shop favourite and online flavour visionary, Mighty Fine describes itself as a “new breed” of chocolate company. Not only do they hand make and sell a range of chocolates, dipped honeycomb, truffles and fudge, but they also offer customers a unique service of developing their very own chocolate bar online.

And it’s a dream for any chocoholic. You can choose your favourite type of quality chocolate, add your preferred ingredient (there’s more than 30 to try, including bacon), select a delicious topping and even customise your chocolate bar’s packaging. The result is a custom made chocolate experience that is delivered to your door.

And how have we helped?

Kit Tomlinson (Mighty Fine MD) says that before using KashFlow, much of their time was spent cross examining spreadsheets, payments, folders and other documents, resulting in unnecessary additional stress (and just a few grey hairs).

But in the month since using KashFlow’s affordable, simple and effective software, Tomlinson says their workload has already reduced, while their understanding of what is happening financially with the business has continued to grow.

“We can really see how KashFlow is going to help us speed up our growth and we really look forward to uncovering more gems and making our life easier and letting us concentrate on what we are good at – making delicious chocolate.”

Good luck Mighty Fine!


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