The old adage that “time is money” may be horribly cliché, but it is a simple truth for growing businesses. Which is why most business owners are always on the lookout for smart solutions to make running their companies better.

But when it comes to bookkeeping and staying on top of company finances, too much time is wasted on unfriendly, complicated systems, time which could (and should) be devoted to growth.

That’s where KashFlow is making such an impact, according to our customers, who swear by our simple and effective cloud accounting software to save them time and save them from the hassle of traditional bookkeeping.GV Film

Our customer GV Film Ltd for example says KashFlow has not only allowed them to “streamline” their accounting, but also sped up the accounting process, so they have more time to concentrate on growing the business.

GV Film is a creative agency that produces theatrical trailers, TV spot campaigns and online marketing materials for global content distributors. They call themselves an “ideas factory” whose work is crafted to achieve inventive, creative and impactful results.

The agency, which has already worked with clients such as the BBC, Dolby, Universal (and many more) specialises in presenting genre content to a mainstream audience. With a leadership that shares a wealth of industry knowledge, GV Film has a real understanding of what campaigns engage and resonate with modern day audiences.

How has KashFlow helped?

GV Film’s Production Assistant Emily Leonard says that KashFlow’s easy-to-use software and many useful features, means the agency can keep track of their various projects, keep on top of tax and end of year accounting, and steer the business in profitable directions.

“The reporting functions have helped us shape the future of GV Film, giving us instant insight into which jobs pay best and who our best clients are. The in-built templates and styles were also a godsend when the company started and gave all our accounting correspondence a professional sheen – easily overlooked but important when building confidence with large corporate clients. The reporting functions have also had a profound effect on the direction the company has taken, helping us to confidently steer GV Film in profitable directions.”

Thanks GV Film and good luck!


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