KashFlow Christmas CountdownWelcome to the first in our series of blog posts, explaining ways KashFlow can help save Christmas. This week we take a look at how app integration takes the hassle out of the holiday season…

Love it or loathe it, Christmas time is hard to ignore – and even harder to escape!  For a small business, chances are you’ve had an epic year of hard graft. The urge to wind down is oh so very tempting. However, one big push is needed, as we all know that potentially Christmas=Big Sales!

Juggling multiple tasks at the same time can cause a meltdown over the festive season. However, thanks to app integration, you can comfortably streamline tedious processes, leaving you time to have that extra mince pie that you had your eye on.

If you own a web shop then Christmas is likely to be your busiest time of year. By using the ConnectMyApps portal, KashFlow users can quickly establish a workflow between top e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay and Magento with their KashFlow accounts. Transferring existing orders and synchronising your customer database has never been so easy.

Payments will come in thick and fast over the festive season, so a payment processor like PayPal will be your best friend over Christmas. KashFlow seamlessly connects to your PayPal account through ConnectMyApps and retrieves details of sales, customers, purchases and suppliers. The software will even automatically generate your invoices and send them via email as PDF files. It can even include PayPal payment buttons on these email invoices so your customers just have to click and pay.

If Christmas has you running up road miles the length and breadth of the country to see your customers and suppliers, then we would suggest giving Tripcatcher a try, also available through the KashFlow ConnectMyApps portal.

Tripcatcher can capture your business mileage on the web or through an iOS and Android app.  It offers great time-saving features, such as calculating your journey distance using Google Maps or recurring trips for adding lots of repetitive trips in one go.

Tripcatcher will also calculate the VAT on the fuel element of the mileage claim, enabling VAT regulated businesses to save literally hundreds of pounds per year. Now who couldn’t do with an extra bit of cash at Christmas, eh? Watch this space to discover more ways KashFlow can help save Christmas at your small business.

KashFlow is award winning software for small business owners. Over 70,000 subscribers currently use KashFlow to generate online quotes, balance their books and keep track of their business spend. So if you’re struggling with your accounts, don’t delay, KashFlow it today! For a free no-obligation 1-2-1 demo just call the KashFlow on boarding team on  0844 815 5779.


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