Saying that KashFlow “saves lives” is admittedly an overstatement most of the time. But it’s fairly close to the truth when it comes to the success of training business First Aid Safety.

First Aid Safety is one of many KashFlow customers seeing growth and success using our simple, effective software. And a boost in production for them means more future lives being saved (no, really!). FirstAidSafety

Started in 2012, the business is fast becoming a recognised market leader in the delivery and implementation of high quality, bespoke and regulated first aid training throughout the UK. The company, made up predominantly of emergency services personnel, specialises in a range of courses including defibrillator, manual and people handling courses for the care industry, and fire safety courses.

The UK’s Healthy and Safety laws require all businesses (no matter the size) to be fully compliant, should the worst ever happen to its employees at work.

First Aid Safety works up and down the country helping their clients adhere to these laws, leaving them free to concentrate on running their businesses (much like how using KashFlow frees up our customers from accounting).

How has KashFlow helped?

Harry Pandia, First Aid Safety Director says KashFlow’s self-explanatory and simple software has helped “streamline” his business, with easy access to invoicing, financial reports and more.

“As a result of the ease of use of the software our business as a whole is much more productive. We are able to concentrate on the things we do best and that’s first aid training and spreading the word to as many people out there in the UK, in turn helping our small business grow year on year.”


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