KashFlow are proud to announce the launch of our brand-new user community, Canvass, in Spring 2015, to replace the existing KashFlow Suggestion Centre that has been gathering user feedback since the software’s conception in 2005. Allowing greater visibility of the direction we are taking our product range, as well as increasing the interaction between users and product managers, and having real-time feature updates in line with releases within the application, KashFlow aims to reach out to its users to develop its fantastic product even further.


Here at KashFlow, we are putting customer interaction at the forefront of our product development, allowing us to structure our development in line with the needs and desires of our customers. We pride ourselves upon being good listeners and hope that our brand-new community will not only allow customers to engage further with the KashFlow team, but also learn from fellow customers’ insight into the system, and engage with thousands of other users across the customer base.

Our current KashFlow Suggestion Centre will remain in place until the launch of Canvass, with current issues and existing feedback being stored and carefully reflected within the launch of the new site. Users of the Suggestion Centre will be familiar with the voting system and discussion areas in place, however Canvass looks to engage our clients in an all new interactive, responsive way.

Interaction with our Product Management Team

We firmly believe that opening our doors to user feedback is integral to improving our fantastic range of Cloud products. Our product management team value feedback as vital to the success of our products and will therefore be on hand to enable and join discussions on Canvass.

Feature Updates

Users will be updated in real-time about upcoming feature releases within the KashFlow product range, and will also be invited to comment upon features that have been proposed both by fellow users and our product management team.

Top Requested Features

As with our current Suggestion Centre, users will be able to cast their vote on the issues that are most important to them, watching their opinion spark debate and ultimately send their desired feature up the list of top features. The voting area will be closely monitored by our product team who will offer updates and feedback on the issues raised, and of course strive to implement the desired features.

We would like to take this moment to thank those of you who have and are currently offering valuable contributions upon our KashFlow Suggestion Centre. Please continue to provide your feedback, but don’t wear yourselves out! Canvass launches this Spring and sits at the heart of our ambition to engage with our users and gather feedback so as our product remains innovative and at the very forefront of the market. We look forward to your contributions and welcoming you to our new online community.

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