The larger a small business becomes, the more admin and admin related hassle ultimately follows. And while growth is a key aim for any small business owner, the additional stress that comes with success can be overwhelming.

This is especially true when it comes to the accounting side of a business, when the spreadsheets and invoices start piling up, and managing cash flow becomes daunting.

With KashFlow’s easy-to-use software however, this is all so much easier to deal with! Take it from our customer Kash, which praises KashFlow’s simplicity, flexibility and capability for helping them grow with confidence. kash

Kash is a production studio that puts creative thinking at its core, delivering branding, graphic design, web design and video production services. They pride themselves on having a good grasp of the rapidly changing production landscape, understanding that more and more businesses are looking for a creative and innovative way to promote themselves, without breaking the bank. With a great network of talent and string creative ideas, the company strives to create unique content that delivers top quality and impact, to engage people in a meaningful manner. Their intention: creating something that they and their clients can be proud of.

London based Kash at just our years old already has a strong portfolio of content to be proud of, featuring everything from documentaries to music videos, for a vast range of impressive clients. Watch their showreel here.

How has KashFlow helped?

Kash’s Head of Production Simon Alveranga says that KashFlow has taken the stress out of managing multiple projects, as well as invoicing, tax and payroll. From their beginnings using spreadsheets to organise their accounts, Kash soon outgrew this process, and the need a for a flexible, easy-to-use cloud software solution arose.

“We had tried a number of different cloud based solutions, mentioning no names, but none of them were quite right for us, either proving too complex or too inflexible. Then along came KashFlow and we never looked back. KashFlow has allowed us to grow the work that we do tenfold. Before when we were working with spreadsheets, the larger we got the more inputs we had to manage. Now with so many aspects of our business synced with KashFlow much of what needs to be done happens automatically allowing us to grow without fear of drowning in process. I love you KashFlow!” Tweet this

Thanks Kash and good luck!


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