I’ve posted in the past about the numerous ways Twitter has helped us to grow KashFlow.

Something I’ve not mentioned before is how incredibly valuable it is as a tool to connect with journalists which in turn helps you get coverage for your business.

There a a lot of friendly, accessible journalists on Twitter and it’s well worth following them and looking for opportunities to get your company in the media.

Don’t forget the ‘social’ element of social networks. Too many people (in business generally, not just Twitter) deal with others as if they’re a job title rather than as a real person.

If you’re going to bombard a journalist with press releases and self-promotional links then you wont get very far.

Treat them like real people, join in the conversation when there’s nothing in it for you, help them where you can – that’s what creates a real human connection.

So when Harry Hack at Widgets Weekly is writing a story about the new Doodlyflip, you’ll immediately spring to mind as someone that is a bit of an expert on Doodlyflips and he’ll ask for your opinion.

Here’s my personal top three tweeting journalists (in no particular order)

@sparky000, Web Editor at Management Today
@RichardTyler, Enterprise Editor at The Daily Telegraph
@Dan_Martin, Editor of BusinessZone.co.uk

Want more?

Last week Andy Barr at 10Yetis PR Agency posted a list of the Top 100 Journalists on Twitter.

Here’s his top 10:

1. Olivia Solon – Wired – @Olivia_solon
2. Caitlin Moran – Times – @Caitlinmoran
3. Fleet Street Fox – @FleetStreetFox
4. Harry Wallop – Daily Telegraph – @hwallop
5. India Knight – Sunday Times – @IndiaKnight
6. Neal Mann – Sky News – @FieldProducer
7. Rory Cellan Jones – BBC – @Ruskin147
8. Charles Arthur – Guardian – @CharlesArthur
9. Vikki Chowney – Econsultancy – VikkiChowney
10. Josh Halliday – Guardian – @JoshHalliday

For the full list, visit his blog post.

Do you have any tips on how best to use Twitter to get media coverage?
Either from your perspective as a business owner or a journalist?

Share them below in the comments section.


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