Our mobile experience is more intuitive than ever, download KashFlow Go today.

Last night our KashFlow iPhone App became available in Apples App Store. so if you have a KashFlow account and an iPhone, go get it now. It wont cost you a penny.

Once you’ve downloaded the app you’ll need to enable the API in your account. This is done in Settings -> API Settings.


Favourite Feature

Using the app you can do everything you’d expect from checking your bank balances, overdue invoices and purchases, adding/emailing new purchases and sales, etc

My favourite feature is the ability to take a photo of a paper receipt and attach it to receipt (“purchase invoice” in accountants lingo) directly from your iPhone. No more lost receipts!

Next version planned already

I expect that over the coming few days we’ll have a whole load of feedback and possibly even some bugs found (the misspelling on the first screen was a deliberate mistake to ensure you were paying attention). So we’re planning to do an update to the App within a week or two once we’ve tweaked it based on the initial feedback.

Meet the developers

We don’t have t he skills in house to develop iPhone applications. So we looked for a company we could work with. We selected Pear Computer and we were pleased we did. Ben and Mattias have been brilliant at getting our ideas in to the application and have been very professional throughout the whole process. If you’re looking for someone to develop an app from you then these guys come with a personal recommendation from me.


Download the App – from the App Store
Pear Computers, the developers – website / twitter.


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