qsWhen I talked about our iPhone app, the one feature I’d harp on about the most was the ability to take a snapshot of a receipt and get it into KashFlow in a few taps. So I could get out of a taxi or pay a bar bill and immediately have the scanned receipt in KashFlow.

The problem was that as the app does so much more than this, it was more taps/data entry than is ideal.

So in talking to the great iPhone developers we work with, we came up with a plan: a single-purpose app optimised specifically for getting receipts into KashFlow.

The result is QuickSnap, now available in the app store.

First, the set-up: Create a supplier in your KashFlow account, perhaps called “Unprocessed Receipts”. Then add a new nominal code (or Outgoing Type) , perhaps called “Misc Expenses”

Then fire up the app and in the settings screen you choose the supplier and code you just created and also enter your name. Your app is now configured for use.

When you fire up the app you’ll have the option to use an existing photo or shoot a new one.
You can then(optionally) enter a description for the receipt.
Tap to send to KashFlow and  a new receipt is created against the selected supplier and code.
The description you entered is used as the description followed by your name in brackets – so you can have multiple people using the app without back office confusion.
Your snapshot is attached to the receipt so when you are ready you can sit down and fill in the details.


Note: when you tap to send to KashFlow, you get to chose the size of the image. Some users are reporting problems using the larger options. Let us know if you have this problem so we can get it fixed.

Note 2: Before you ask, no – no plans to do a version of this or our main app for Android just yet. But we are getting a *lot* of requests, so may well do so at some point.

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