When it comes to making improvements to cloud software, the words ‘version two’ are…a bit dirty. Cloud software development is generally very nimble, incremental and, by definition, is never finished.

As such, new iterations are rarely different enough to warrant the label of a version number. However, during several big meetings about improving KashFlow, it became clear that adding in-demand features like multi-user permissions, more integrations and improved mobile access would require a significant update to our technology platform.

When we started talking about updating KashFlow, we internally referred to what we were building as ‘version two’ of the software…even though it flies in the face of the spirit of SaaS!

Unfortunately, and atypically for SaaS, most of the work we were doing went on behind the scenes and didn’t result in any big cosmetic upgrades…Until now, that is.


We’re in the process of releasing our new interface to all of our users which, as you might expect, has resulted in some pretty big changes. Here are just a few of them:

  • Outrageously quick – Our new app is built to be lighter, more efficient and more reliable. As a result, whether you’re entering data or producing reports, it should be lightning fast!
  • Responsive on phones and tablets – Key to our decision to create a new interface was the chance to make better use of recent advances in mobile technology. Try using your phone or tablet to log into new KashFlow and you’ll notice that the app automatically adjusts when you use it on a phone or tablet.
  • Line Items (Click and Drag) – When viewing an invoice, you can now click and hold on line items to rearrange them by moving your cursor up or down. This is the same for Quotes.
  • Email Support and Search Knowledge Base – You can now submit a ticket request directly to our support team from within KashFlow. We’ve also added a live feed to our knowledge base in the Help section. You can use the search bar to check the KB or fill in the email fields to contact the support team.

Newapp email

And a few technical tweaks!

  • Edit Mode – In order to reduce accidental edits to old invoices, we’ve introduced a dedicated edit mode. You can enable edit mode on an old invoice by double clicking on the invoice details or pressing the Edit button.

  • ‘Types’ are now ‘Codes’ – We have changed the terminology of Sales/Outgoing/Transaction types so they are now Sales/Outgoing/Transaction codes.

  • Bank Screen icons – We have slightly changed the layout of the Bank Screen. If you want to reconcile your account you now need to press the Tick icon, to edit bank details press the Pencil icon and to download the account you need to press the Download icon.

  • A few settings have moved from Advanced Settings – The settings ‘Access to Nominal Codes’, ‘Configure Nominal Codes’, ‘Enable Journal’ and ‘Codes in Lists’ have all been moved to Settings > Chart of Accounts > Show Advanced Configuration Options. Their functions remain the same.

  • Adding notes/comments to Documents – We’ve made it easier to add a note that will be seen on your invoices, quotes or receipts. When creating an invoice you now have two options: ‘Add a Line Item’ or ’Add Comment’.

  • New KashFlow Payroll –  Created a newly integrated Payroll system that complements your KashFlow online accounting software.

  • We have strengthened the relationship between accountant and their clients,  we have now integrated our software to our parents’ flagship IRIS Accounts Production, used by around half of UK accountants.


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