Being able to properly plan the financial growth of any business is a key task for owners and managers, and entirely dependent on having access, whenever needed, to the necessary data.

But any strategy is only going to be as accurate as the information at hand, which is why it is vital for a growing business to keep healthy accounts; a task that isn’t always that easy when there are hundreds of other things to worry about when running a business.

KashFlow customers, however, have said they have real peace of mind planning for their futures, with our simple and effective accounting software giving them great control of their finances. Plus, with KashFlow being cloud based, our customers also benefit from having this access at any time, whenever they need it.Imagex

Take Imagex, for example, a still growing business that says KashFlow has given them the power to keep track of the business finances and also accurately plan their growth.

Imagex (The Image Experts) came to be in 2013, following the announcement that the Jessops camera shop in Bicester, Oxfordshire was closing down. The two store managers at the time realised that this was a great opportunity to start their own store, offering photographic hardware, accessories and an array of printing services.

A history was already there for them to growth their on own story from, with the store’s location already having a twenty-year lifespan as a camera & photographic services shop. Already well supported by local regular customers, the two then Jessops managers set about turning the store into an independent operation again.

After from financial help from family, friends and a small number of local private investors, the two managers set about taking possession of the store and reopening it as imagex.

How has KashFlow helped?

Imagex’s Robert Peckham says their main fear when they opened the business was being held back as a result of trying to manage the accounts and finances. But having used KashFlow in a former business, they knew it would be “the ideal solution.”

“KashFlow is straightforward, easy to use, simple to manage and the support is exemplary. Having access to all our company financial records from anywhere – even through an iPhone – means we can keep a total check of our financial position at all times. We’re about to move into a major period of growth for the company, so accurate and on-time financial reporting is essential – with KashFlow that’s exactly what we’ve got.”

Thanks Imagex and good luck!


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