I had a realisation recently that other founders – especially those of a technical bent – might be able to relate to.

I’d just spent a whole day in various meetings.  As I left for the day and realised my laptop hadn’t even left my man bag I said “I don’t know why I bothered bringing it in, I haven’t done any work today.”

I realised that I’ve always seen meetings as a necessary evil and a distraction from the real work: writing code, talking with customers, processing emails.

Because of this any meetings I have are often done reluctantly, or avoided altogether. Especially internal meetings. This is a Bad Thing.

Meetings are important. Meetings ARE real work.
Teams achieve things – important things – by having meetings.

It’s taken me years to realise this and I think now I have I will be better at meetings in the future.

I wonder if other tech founders have a similar problem?

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