When asked about the differences between marketing, advertising and PR there’s a story that my dad, who has founded two PR companies in the North East, likes to tell. It’s one of the better stories he tells, so I’m pretty sure he stole it. It goes like this –

A marketer, a PR man and an advertising rep walk into a bar. They all lay eyes on the same woman, and formulate their own respective plans on how to woo her. The marketer immediately walks over and tells the woman that he’s a great catch. The woman frowns at him and turns away. The advertiser pays the barman to make her drinks all night, then tells the woman that he’s a great catch. Again, the woman frowns and turns away. The PR man spends all night talking to the woman’s friends, listening to their stories and telling jokes. Before the end of the night, all of the woman’s friends tell her that he seems like a great catch. The woman gives the PR man her number and tells him to call her.

We’ve know that PR can be quite daunting if it’s something you haven’t done before (we’ve even previously featured a guest blog about 4 big PR mistakes that startups make), so we put together this infographic. Hopefully it helps!

EDIT: If you’re having trouble reading it, just click here to see it in all its full-size glory!

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