Online document sharing is fast becoming a standard practice in many businesses, and there are serious benefits to be gained for SMEs. But there are also significant benefits for accountants as they add more value to their relationship with their clients.

The joys of online document sharing are numerous, and it’s no surprise then that it’s become the norm for people to use such services within the workplace.

By allowing numerous people to work off the same document set without worrying about miscommunication or missing information, or losing time emailing (or even posting) documents back and forth, small businesses can work faster and smarter.

It’s one of the many benefits of adopting cloud solutions, and it is something that can also be harnessed by forward thinking accountants to add real value to the relationships they have with their small business clients.

OpenSpaceKashFlow Connect accountant partners for example have access to a fully branded, secure document sharing portal powered by IRIS, called OpenSpace, which allows accountants to interact and collaborate with their clients online.

The full customisable and highly secure OpenSpace portal lets accountants upload, store and approve documents online, overcoming the challenges of slow, insecure document sharing and the pitfalls of compliance. Even the painful process of obtaining tax information from clients can be overcome with e-checklists, allowing accountants to collect tax information from their clients seamlessly on the cloud.

At KashFlow we believe there is a better way for accountants and their clients to work together, with our cloud accounting solution offering accountancy professionals the tools to become trusted advisors for their clients instead of just compliance monitors.

Together, KashFlow software and the OpenSpace online document sharing portal offer major benefits for accountants and their clients, mainly due to the huge time savings that can be achieved. The ease that comes with sharing documents online, and obtaining approval for key information, also means accountants can add value to their service.

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