Whether it’s Holland, Hawaii, or Honduras your staff may be using their paid holidays to fly to any number of exotic destinations in coming months.

But while you may be transfixed by their travel tales and eager to see their snaps of Samoa and pictures from Panama, more importantly you need a solution to ensure their annual leave is correctly, quickly, and efficiently totted up and accounted for in their payslips.

We constantly ask our customers what they want to see improved in KashFlow Payroll and the main message has been unmistakeable.

You asked for a complete holiday pay solution to cover your company’s requirements and we have delivered it.

Introducing the new KashFlow Payroll Holiday Module, released today (14 November), catering for all types of holiday pay – whether they have an allowance or accrue holiday over time.

The software automatically calculates and adds holiday pay onto each employee’s payslip where required.

The holiday pay module does just what you need it to, including tracking employees’ holiday taken and holiday remaining, holiday allowances and holiday accrued in both time or money (where applicable). Enter a Holiday Pay Rate or an Accrual Percentage and we’ll do the calculations for you.

You can configure a holiday day pay system that works company-wide for all employees, as well as personalising it where individuals are contracted on different terms.

As an employer, you can generate two different reports – Employee Holiday Details and Absence (Holidays). These will provide you with an overall view of your employees’ holidays, filtered within a specified timeframe.

The KashFlow Holiday Pay Module contains the following features and benefits:

  • Automatically calculates and pays holiday pay based on calendar entries
  • Caters for accrual style holidays
  • Covers hourly, daily and weekly holiday pay
  • Allows employers to reset holiday schemes at any point throughout the year
  • Employer can choose which pay period they want the holiday pay to be paid in
  • Holiday pay can still be manually added to a payslip

There are many more brilliant benefits waiting to be discovered.

Sound good? Then take a break of your own to find out more by signing up for a free trial of KashFlow Payroll.

For a full lowdown of the features and to learn how to use all of them, we’d encourage you to visit Knowledge Base here.

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