Growing numbers of small businesses rely on being mobile, but the reality of traditional bookkeeping and accounting is that business owners are too often tied down to their desks, sifting through their financial data.

Unless of course you’re a KashFlow customer!

KashFlow’s simple, effective and fully cloud based software is a perfect solution for businesses that depend on being ‘on-the-go’. Such as our customer, The Green Man & Van.GMAV

The Green Man & Van has grown a lot since its beginnings in 2009, when good friends Rich Edwards and Adam Lee decided to start a business that could really make a difference. The pair has grown their business steadily since then, and can now boast a highly recommended removals, packing and storage service, with three offices across the UK, and which is socially responsible and environmentally aware (at no extra cost!)

The business’s green credentials are impressive: It’s a certified Carbon Neutral Company (meaning any CO2 they emit is offset by a geothermal project in Turkey); they add biodiesel (made from recycled cooking oil) to their fuel to reduce CO2 emissions; and they use re-used/recycled boxes and packaging, reducing the environmental impact of moving.

Even their staff (wearing 100% organic cotton t-shirts) cycle to pricing consultations, while their website is hosted on a solar powered server in sunny California. And if that’s not all, they are also competitively priced, friendly and efficient, earning them over 80 five-star reviews on Google.

How has KashFlow helped?

The Green Man & Van co-founder Rich Edwards says KashFlow’s intuitive, easy-to-use software has helped increase their cash flow, and given them the capital to expand. Another huge help has been KashFlow’s integration with payment processors like GoCardless, making it easier for their clients to pay them.

“As KashFlow is web based it gives us the flexibility to access out accounts or send invoices from anywhere, which means we can work from anywhere and not be tied to one computer with bookkeeping software installed. KashFlow has allowed us to expand into the storage industry which is reliant on direct debit payments to ensure it runs smoothly.”

Good luck The Green Man & Van!


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