The vast range of business services available for new owners and managers means there is more control to be gained in the often daunting and complicated startup journey.

But for many small businesses, gaining financial control or even just a clearer understanding of their finances, can be difficult, especially as their businesses begin to see real growth. So much time can be spent creating invoices and then chasing payments that the actual financial outlook of the business gets buried amid admin.

Simplifying and streamlining these critical aspects of a business can really help companies achieve control and see success. And it’s among the many reasons why KashFlow customers are achieving confidence and growth.powerup

Power UP Digital Marketing for example, says KashFlow has allowed them to operate with greater financial understanding, with less time dedicated to admin, more time to focus on profit, and the necessary tools to run the business more efficiently.

Power UP Digital Marketing is a Bristol based agency striving to be one of the very best agencies of its kind in Bristol. With a wealth of expertise in sales and marketing, the growing agency offers Bristol based (and beyond) digital services ranging from Search Engine Optimisation, Copywriting, design, social media marketing and more.

The Power UP team boasts skills that have evolved from building and selling various online and offline ventures, meaning they can bring proven and practical internet marketing advice and strategy creation to the table. Their philosophy is simple: Attract. Convert. Succeed.

How has KashFlow helped?

Power UP Digital’s Darren Leighfield says that before KashFlow, he was “financially blind” and in need of a sleeker, more streamlined management system that could help reduce the admin burden and provide useful, time-saving tools. With KashFlow, Leighfield says they now have a much more organised, more structured and more analytically sound system.

“Now I run my business with a greater financial understanding. I know where money is owed, I know where money has been paid, I automate processes – like invoicing. My sales revenue has gone up. That’s because I now focus on what I need to focus on, which is sales and marketing. KashFlow enables me to be able to dedicate more time into profit generating areas rather than admin. Getting paid is so important, keeping cash flow positive is so important – making sure there’s a pipeline of new business extremely important. Now I can build a pipeline and know my cash flow is secure.”

Thanks Power UP Digital and good luck!


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