If you rely on hard copy invoicing, then you’ll want to know about ViaPost integration.

ViaPost lets you snail mail your invoices, reminder letters, or anything else from anywhere in the world without having to make a trip to the post office – or own a printer.

And it costs less than the price of a first class stamp.

Setting it up

To set this up, log into your KashFlow account and go to Settings > ViaPost Settings. If you have an account with ViaPost just fill in your credentials here; if you don’t there’s a link for you to sign up and buy some credit.

Once this is activated you’ll see a “Send ViaPost” option next to the “Print” and “Email” buttons on your invoices.

When you select “Send ViaPost” KashFlow creates a PDF of the invoice and sends it over the internet to ViaPost along with the address details. Then ViaPost prints and posts the document for you. Easy peasy.

‘Multiple building names exist with equally valid matches’

When using the options to send a PDF using ViaPost you may get the following error message: ‘Multiple building names exist with equally valid matches’.

That message is generated by ViaPost and means that they couldn’t find an exact match for the address when they checked the post office system. That or they found multiple addresses. Either way, they can’t accept this letter because it might go to the wrong place.

If this happens you’ll need to give a more specific address. If you need more help when getting this error, please contact [email protected].

Send Anything!

It’s not just invoices and documents from KashFlow you can send using ViaPost. Anything you would normally print can also be sent using their system. They provide a ‘driver’ that you can install so that ViaPost appears on your computer as if it were just another printer. Choose to print to it and you’ll be promoted for address details. And off it goes.

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