“Significant growth”
“90% less work”
“We wouldn’t consider not using KashFlow.”

These are just a few wonderful comments from our partner Farnell Clarke, a Norwich based accounting practice seeing serious gains since using IRIS KashFlow Connect.

And by serious gains, we mean company growth and client satisfaction, with Farnell Clarke and their clients saving valuable time, achieving better flexibility and closer collaboration, through online accounting with KashFlow and integration with IRIS.

Will Farnell, Director of Farnell Clarke says the firm has seen “significant growth” year on year thanks to IRIS KashFlow Connect, which he says has bridged the traditional accountant-client gap.

“It’s certainly enabled us to record significant growth over the last six years, averaging about 37% year on year.”

One of his favourite features? The co-branding element of IRIS KashFlow Connect, allowing firms like Farnell Clarke to use their own logos and brand identity to personalise their KashFlow cloud accounts.

“All of our clients when they login, they see Farnell Clarke, they see our colours, our branding, our images. So they feel that they are using a piece of technology that we’re providing.”

The practice’s annual growth is also not surprising, with Connect software essentially eliminating a huge amount of time once needed by accountants to manage their clients’ accounts. As Farnell Clarke newcomer Nathan Bowden says, with KashFlow “you’re scrapping 90% of the work.”

“I used to work with seven clients a week, now its around 50 . The transaction is so simple, it’s easy to take on more work and more clients.”

And it’s not just the firm’s accountants singing our praises. Some of their own clients are also reaping the rewards of KashFlow’s easy-to-use and automatic software.

Norwich pub manager Victoria Macdonald says whatever the future brings, which might include opening another pub, KashFlow is a ‘must’.

“We love KashFlow. I can use it from anywhere, I can work anywhere, I can look up anything anywhere. We have the information at our fingertips. Wouldn’t consider opening another unit without using KashFlow.”

Pippa Lain-Smith, of Plain Speaking PR, is another of Farnell Clarke’s satisfied customers, and for her and her busy, mobile lifestyle, KashFlow’s multi device compatibility is ideal.

“KashFlow is great. Being able to just log in from my iPad or even my phone, and check various accountancy bits, has been really helpful. So my time is better spent on PR. That’s what I am good at. I’m not good at accounts.”

If you’re using any KashFlow services, and it’s changed how you run your business, we’d love to hear from you. We’d also love a chance to help promote your business, so if you take a few minutes to write to us about what you do and how KashFlow has improved your business, we’ll do our best promote you!

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