We here at KashFlow really do pride ourselves on making things easier for our customers, because we know that if you are growing a business, you’ll want to spend as much time as possible on the things you do best.

Unless you’re a bookkeeper or accountant, it’s fair to say that these admittedly essential elements of running a business are not your strong suit, and are definitely not the things you want to spend lots of time on.

Which is why KashFlow’s simple and effective accounting software is helping so many of our customers achieve success in what they do. Such as KashFlow customer Esther Eyre, who says KashFlow has helped (among many other things) save the time she needs to focus on running her business.Esther Eyre

Esther Eyre is a successful London based luxury goldsmith, with over 20 years experience creating uniquely beautiful jewellery. Her designs are mainly created using 18 carat gold and precious stones, and her range of services includes bespoke designs and even upscaling of old jewelry into something special.

Esther prides herself on delighting her clients, and her work is highly regarded with a client list that includes private commissions for members of the Royal Family and international celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Tilda Swinton and Ringo Starr. On top of that, Esther’s specialist knowledge of period jewellery has made her sought after for work on films such as ‘Shakespeare in Love’, ‘Ever After’ and ‘Orlando’.

How has KashFlow helped?

Esther’s relationship with KashFlow began over four years ago, when our easy-to-use software was suggested by her own bookkeeper. Since then, KashFlow has become a crucial part of Esther’s time management strategy, a strategy she uses in order to spend as much time as possible fulfilling her passion of designing gorgeous jewellery.

“My bookkeeping is so much better organised these days with all my records kept safely in one secure place and no longer taking up valuable office space all around me, which is what used to happen in the ‘old days’ with my paper records and files. What’s more, my book-keeper can access my accounts without the bother of having to lug heavy files about too. It is also much more secure to enter sales and purchase details in the knowledge that they won’t get lost when it comes to doing the accounts. If KashFlow were a colleague they’d be the most reliable, friendly and trustworthy PA any business could wish for! Most importantly KashFlow have made everything so much easier, saving me time to get on with running my business.”

Thanks Esther Eyre and good luck!


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