We know that small business owners have enough on their plates without devoting hours to the things they don’t enjoy, and simplifying the tasks they don’t enjoy is a key part of seeing success.

A problem for many owners, who have various reasons for starting their own companies, is that they end up spending what feels like a lifetime dealing with the financial management side of things. Not an exciting prospect when it’s not the reason why you went into business for yourself.estate apps use

That’s where we come in. Not only is our cloud software really easy to use (you don’t even need accounting experience!) but our range of features help our customers really simplify their bookkeeping and accounts.

KashFlow customer Estate Apps for example says our software has been “instrumental” for the way they run things, with automatic solutions, customisable options and more making things easy.

Estate Apps are specialists in mobile app development, who have already made their name developing apps for the Estate Agent industry in the UK. Now looking at expanding into other areas too, the company has a wide range of clients, and is firmly established as a major supplier in the UK.

As well as providing quality apps for individual estate agents, the company also offers web design and development services and dedicated mobile sites. On top of a competitive priicng structure, they can also boast a top quality service that includes updating their clients products every 12-18 months, free of any extra one-off charges.

How has KashFlow helped?

Estate Apps Director Alex Evans says KashFlow has helped simplify the tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming and laborious, meaning they can better manage their ever-expanding client base.

“With KashFlow, we have been able to refine how we deal with our billing processes. Without having everything in one place this task would have taken hours. KashFlow allows us to spend less time chasing payments and dealing with our accountancy and more time invested in our marketing efforts, looking for new avenues of business and centering ourselves on customer care. With us being able to see month-on-month incomes and annual like-for-like stats, we can see how fast we are growing. All of this allows us to see when and where we can afford to make expenditures on new ventures.”

Thanks Estate Apps and good luck!


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