Elevator PitchOne of the blogs I read quite often is JoelOnSoftware by Joel Spolsky.

Joel and his blog are a bit of a legend in the software startup space and is a must-read for anyone building a software business.

A recent post there with the title “Figuring our what your company is all about” caught my eye. Specifically a quote he had on there:

“Kathy Sierra taught me that if you can’t explain your mission in the form, ‘We help $TYPE_OF_PERSON be awesome at $THING,’ you are not going to have passionate users. What’s your tagline? Can you fit it into that template?”

That’s what’s often refered to as an “elevator pitch“. You should be able to sum up what you do in one sentence. That applies to all businesses, not just those in software.

So for us at KashFlow it’d be “We help owners of small businesses be awesome at doing their bookkeeping and accounting”.

So here’s an open invite for you to spam my blog with your elevator pitches using the comment section below.

(I reserve the right to delete comments from competitors, especially if your pitch is better than mine!)

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