Customers buy easyAre your company sales not quite where you’d quite like them to be? Perhaps then you should consider just how easy it is for customers to buy from you. Sadly many businesses are totally unaware of the barriers in place that stop the customer parting from their hard earned cash. In this blog, we look at some points to consider that won’t just generate sales but can lead to a better customer experience all round.

  1. Make customers understand what you do

Lots of businesses often fall flat at this first hurdle. Ensure that every place where your company can be found online clearly explains what you do – from your website right through to your company Instagram account.

  1. Cut out the jargon

At KashFlow we believe that accounting doesn’t have to be complicated. We place huge importance on using language that everyone can understand.  So keep things simple and easy to read.

  1. Make it easy for customers to contact you

Some websites today make it so hard for customers to reach them. In our fast paced world customers want an instant response to a pressing problem. Maybe even consider setting up a dedicated Twitter support channel and ensure you respond in a timely manner to prove that you are indeed easy to contact. Make sure all staff are on the same page when it comes to social media including the time are you aiming to get back to a customer response and who is responsible for doing it. Make sure your smartphone is always on you to take calls and to check what messages have been left on social media.

  1. Make payment simple

Don’t bamboozle your customer with a complicated check out process or even worse fail to direct them to where they need to make a purchase. In KashFlow it’s possible to add a pay online button to invoices that you send to your customers. It’s a super easy way for customers to settle what’s owed to you. Have a think about how you can improve how customers pay you. Are you doing the best job that you can to let customers find how to buy your product or service quickly and easily?

To get a really good idea of how to make things simple for your customer the last piece of advice that we would give is to talk and listen to your customer and ask them how you could do things better. Better still, listen to your employees. As they know your product or service inside out they should be able to offer priceless insight that will ultimately make life easier for everyone.

KashFlow is simple online accounting software for business owners that enables you to easily create professional invoices and add cashless payments to get paid instantly. You don’t need any specialist bookkeeping or payroll knowledge to use it as it’s simple to get to grips with.

By using KashFlow you can save money, hassle and time, leaving you more time to respond to your customer’s needs. For a free 1-2-1 demo just call the KashFlow on boarding team on 0344 815 5779.

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