With so much to worry about when running a business, it’s no wonder that many owners and managers feel they don’t always have control of their accounts.

Leaving crucial accounting details to bookkeepers and accountants means business owners are often left waiting for more information about their financial data before being able to make key decisions for their businesses. And while the role of a professional accountant is vital for a healthy business, there is a better way for this relationship to function.

KashFlow customers say they are really benefitting from having better control of their finances thanks to our simple and effective accounting software, which gives them anytime access to accurate information that even improves their relationship with their accountants.

Take Dynamics Computer Consultants, which credit KashFlow with having a much better handle on the business finances.dynamics

Dynamics Computer Consultants began in London back in 1995, offering software and PC support for small businesses. Two years later, with the business seeing real growth and remote technology constantly improving, Dynamics founder Jon Stephens moved the company back to his home town of Penzance in Cornwall.

Fast forward to almost 20 years later, and the still busy company has a UK wide customer base, offering remote PC and driver assistance, installation and support, software development and programming. Their aim: To exceed expectations at being the “one-stop-shop” of choice for business technology products and services to business in Cornwall and the UK.

How has KashFlow helped?

Dynamics founder Stephens says bookkeeping and accounting was a challenge for the company from the very beginning, relying on traditional bookkeeping solutions that required file backups and time consuming, traditional file sharing. Stephens says this always resulted in out of date data and a relationship with his accountant that was based only on getting the necessary financial reports out.

“Between our bookkeeper and accountant, we were usually the last to know what state our company was in and usually resulted in ‘slower’ response to company issues. Then came KashFlow. Through it’s automation, centralised web based platform and simple to use interface, we could ALL have the information in real time 24/7. It’s been a game changer!”

Thanks Dynamics and good luck!


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