So many new businesses are entirely based online, and while this make some elements of running a business much easier, there are some troubles that come with this online territory.

The lack of a face-to-face presence is one such issue, meaning online businesses need all the help they can get in ensuring their service is as professional as possible.

It’s one of the many reasons why KashFlow customers love our easy-to-use and effective accounting software (and you can read more about what they have to say here). It not only makes managing the financial side of a business much easier, but it also come fully loaded with tools to give businesses that professional boost.Dreamcraft

Take for example our customer Dreamcraft Furniture, an online business that credits KashFlow with helping them maintain a well organised, responsive and high standard of business.

Dreamcraft Furniture has grown from what was just an idea and a hobby in 2009, into a fully functioning bespoke furniture company in Sheffield. This family run company specialises in hand crafted themed furniture for children, designing and delivering top quality, unique furniture pieces that are visually stunning but also practical and completely safe.

The team says their aim is to become one the of the UK’s leading names in themed bed manufacturing, and just looking at their portfolio is enough to show that they are well on their towards achieving this goal. Their range includes: Princess castle beds complete with turrets and castle gates (as well as full storage capacity and even a slide); Pirate ship beds; dinosaur beds; treehouse beds; even Campervan beds. The bespoke nature of what they do, means there is a large variety of options available to Dreamcraft Furniture customers.

How has KashFlow helped?

Dreamcraft Furniture’s Jenny Wilson says the company’s growth meant that their invoicing and receipts were all over the place until they started using KashFlow. Since then, they’ve been able to add real professionalism to what they do, keep the orders in check (even from their phones) and focus on their continued success.

“Our business has been able to grow because of KashFlow for several reasons. We are now able to create customer profiles and email newsletters to our customers. We can monitor our sales at a very easy glance and decide which areas to promote that month. The way we are able to quickly convert quotes into invoices enables is to get payments in and secure orders faster. We can offer customers the option to pay monthly by direct debit which is a huge selling point and has gained is sales.”

Thanks Dreamcraft Furniture and good luck!


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