Are you the King or Queen of the internet? Is your personal happiness dictated by the number of emails you’ve sent and received? You may be ready to come and get the best job ever.*

As KashFlow continues to expand and grow, we’ve just begun open heart surgery on the Marketing Team and now need some more vital organs to complete the surgery.

Who are we?

Well, we’re an established company, with over 10k paying subscribers, (that means we’re not going to start doing silly things like gambling VC money on a social network for toddlers) but instead focus on the customers we currently have and to provide them with the tools they need to run their accounts, and their business, effectively.

This gives us a really clear aim, but doesn’t limit our route to get there!

We’re backed by Lord Young, and our Founder & CEO, Duane Jackson, who built the software and the company with his bare hands. Essentially, we have a rock-solid leadership team that’s been combined with “hard” skills.  As you can probably guess we don’t go in for management waffle and meetings. We just get it done.

Are you the “right person”?

Can we just say the “right person” and leave it at that? No? Oh, OK.  I’m not fussed about how much you’ve done before, or where you’ve done it, what I’m looking for is someone who can help me, Benjamin, (@inthecompanyof) and I’ve done just about every job under the sun so you may even learn* something, too.

You will:

Bring initiative

This means you come in to work and do stuff without me having to say “have you done X”, I hate having someone on my back questioning me all day, and I’ll try not to do it to you.

Make doing a priority

I’m busy, you’re busy. If you’re busy writing documents about what you’ll be doing, then you’re not really doing it. The world is full of “meta-work” and it bores me. Even the largest of projects can be bullet pointed to one-side of A4. I know, because I’ve done it. It wasn’t easy or fun taking my 60 page document of love (with pretty pictures, footnotes and references) down to “one-sheet”,  but you only make that mistake once. 🙂

Do whatever you think is right, if you’re not sure it’s a good idea, ask. Otherwise just do it.

Encourage honesty and simplicity

I like work to be fun, so if you mess up, say so, and we can fix it. If you make me find out you’ve messed up or not done something, then I’ll think I can’t trust you, and that way lies only the P45. 🙁

Read Duane’s excellent post here about IPEA, because you’re going to be judged on these criteria, by him, so make sure you know it. 🙂

What will you be doing?

So we’ve an awesome Community Manager, Katie, (@KatherinePoole) who takes care of the social media and Twitter as well as picking up other bits and pieces. So don’t think you’ll be all of a Twitter. This role is all about actionable metrics.That’s to say: “We did this, and it worked this well, let’s make it better.”

One of the big parts of the job is to make sure the thousands of emails we send out are working like they should, as well as liaising with our Adword agency and online advertising, too.

What skills are we looking for?

  • All round computer skills
  • Fearless of the internet in all forms  (bonus points for HTML & CSS)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Knowledge of online advertising and marketing
  • Knowledge of MailChimp

We’re happy to train the right person, so don’t worry if you’re not a “Digital Ninja”…yet.

How do I apply?

Send me an email, and tell me what you’ve done and what you’d like to do in three years’ time.

I’m looking for you to be excited about the internet and to tell me which brands and companies you admire and why. Attach your CV so I can see if the narrative you’ve woven is the same as the reality and we’ll take it from there. Interviews will be an informal affair so I can learn more about you and to assess team fit.

Good luck I and I look forward to hearing from you.

*This maybe hyperbole to attract your attention. 🙂

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