Carry The OneWe’re quickly getting lots of new applications integrated with KashFlow. One of the problems we’ve run up against is the sheer number of different e-commerce systems out there.

Those like OpenMindCommerce and and EasyWebstore are easily dealt with – just go to the vendor and work with them to get the integration done. But what about the likes of OSCommerce, ZenCart and Magento where there is no central company to talk to?

Enter CarryTheOne. CTO first started as a simple proxy service between OSCommerce and KashFlow. For a small monthly fee it will take your customer and sales data from OSCommerce and enter it directly into KashFlow for you. I initially thought the “small monthly fee” would be the killer. You’re already paying an ongoing subscription fee to use KashFlow – do you really want to pay another company for the additional services? It would seem I was totally wrong. Businesses are happy to pay the small fee because of the huge amount of time it saves them. CTO have grown and grown and grown and have some very impressive numbers.

As well as OSCommerce they also now support  KashFlow integration with CRELoaded, OSCMax, Shopify, ZenCart and Magento. and there are another half dozen in development.
Carry The One
As well as adding more ecommerce applications on the left side of the jigsaw above, they’re now also adding more accounting applications on the right-hand side of it. Each new application they integrate with, on either side of the equation, hugely increases their potential (and actual) customer base.

A very nice business that I’m sure will just grow and grow and grow.

I suspect as SaaS becomes increasingly popular without any agreed API standard, we’ll see more businesses like Carry The One springing up.

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