Giving your customers the nudge they need so you don’t have to

It’s happening to an increasing number of businesses, every year: overdue payments leading to constant chasing, wasted time, unbalanced finances and increasingly frosty relationships. As we mentioned in a recent blog post, a survey carried out by our parent company, IRIS Software, discovered that only 30% of businesses are being paid on time.

Sound familiar?

Chances are, you’re a part of the other 70%. But it shouldn’t, and doesn’t, have to be that way.

At KashFlow, we’re constantly seeking to partner with powerful, innovative technology that can improve your business – and when it comes to chasing up debtors, that’s a huge 70% worth of improvements to be made.

Which is where Satago comes in.

Why Satago?

Satago’s intelligent credit control software is dedicated to helping businesses get paid faster.

Once you’ve signed up, you can easily connect to your KashFlow account (in just the one click, naturally), allowing Satago to take over the process of chasing your customers for payment through a variety of features:

  • Automated invoice reminders – customisable by escalation level or customer
  • Integrated Experian risk data – access to key information related to customer credit scores
  • Interactive reports – identify problem customers and assign them to effective credit control plans
  • Monthly statements – automate a monthly overview of all open invoices with each customer
  • Customisable ‘Thank You’ email templates – send out automated messages of acknowledgment
  • Accounts receivable CRM – leave comments on invoices & notes about customers for future reference
  • Physical payment demand letters – send post with 1-click…no stamps or postboxes, Satago takes care of printing & posting

Expect your business to start reaping the results of KashFlow’s Satago integration almost immediately, just like these two did:

A KashFlow-Satago success story

Geoff Davis is the founder of GRD Credit Control and recently told us how he combined Satago and KashFlow for one of his clients, Icon Printing – a printing company based in London.

When asked why Satago works for him, Geoff revealed that he’d, “been searching for some time for a product that would automate more mundane tasks (allowing me to concentrate on the bigger issues) and which worked with [Icon’s] preferred accounting software, KashFlow.

“I was anxious to find a solution for this client, as their relatively short payment terms of 7 days meant I was spending a lot of time chasing invoices which were overdue to find out why, produce copies, etc. [Now] Satago does this for me, issuing emails for the proactive chase before an invoice is due, and first reminders after; I then only need to involve myself when these emails are replied to and when an invoice becomes 7-10 days overdue.

“Since I‘ve introduced Satago into my clients’ credit control process, cash collection has improved without exception. This means I can reduce my monthly invoice to my clients and provide a better service, concentrating on invoices that are/may be a problem rather than those that are just going through the system. I’ve reduced the time I spend working for Icon Printing by 50%!

“I’m delighted that I found Satago.”

Alex Econs, MD at Icon Printing Ltd, agrees:

“We’ve been using Satago, linked to our KashFlow accounting package, for just a few months and immediately we could see the benefits. We are seeing prompt payments from our customers without the need for regular telephone chases and this has freed up our credit controller to concentrate more on, as well as more quickly identify, potential problem invoices and accounts.”

Connect your KashFlow & Satago accounts now and be a part of the 30%.

(What do you mean, “I don’t have one yet“? You can fix that (for free) here!)

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