Small businesses have enough to worry about when it comes to the everyday management of what they do, and if they aren’t in the accounting business, then bookkeeping can be a painful, time consuming task.

Which is why KashFlow’s easy-to-use and time-saving software is helping so many of our customers achieve success, because they get to focus on what they do best!CClogo

The same can be said of graphic design company Creative Cadence, a one-man business (so far) that doesn’t have the time or manpower to spend hours fiddling with financial reports and invoicing. Instead, it’s own customers come first, while our software makes their bookkeeping “a doddle.”

Founded and run by Bristol based Christian Tait, Creative Cadence provides quality creative and graphic design services for small to medium sized businesses. With 18 years’ experience as a designer, Tait brings a combination of creative thinking, problem solving and sensitive design to find the best solutions for his clients.

The company provides the ‘works’ in terms of the creative services needed for small businesses to start up, grow and stay ‘front of mind’. Tait also believes in continual support and guidance for his clients, ensuring professionalism and success in the evolutionary process of shaping brands and businesses.

How has KashFlow helped?

For a one-man business that still wants to see growth, KashFlow has been an ideal solution for Creative Cadence’s accounting needs. Tait says that our intuitive, simple software means he can spend more time concentrating of what he’s good at (graphic design) and less time on what he’s not (accounting.)

“It really, simply is the ease and speed with which you can get a grasp of accounting with KashFlow, that helps speed up my work-flow. Because of this, I can do quotes quicker for clients, invoice them on the other side of the job and keep track of those pesky unpaid invoices when they arrive.”

Thanks Creative Cadence, and good luck!


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