Carl ReaderFor small businesses of all shapes and sizes, Christmas provides a massive boom but going into the New Year, they can face a drop-off. Start-up coach and author Carl Reader offers some ideas that can brighten up your 2017 and kick off the New Year with a bang. Carl offers advice on everything a business owner needs to know, from sales, marketing, finance, legal, HR issues and administration through to growth strategies, fundraising and exit planning. Carl regularly contributes to newspapers and magazines around the world on all aspects of starting and running a business.

  1. Work towards 90 day sprints with your resolutions

Towards the end of the year, everyone is on a massive high as the Christmas period is upon us, but going into the New Year we can soon lose our energy, so make sure you set yourself achievable targets and resolutions. Make sure you are working towards 90-day sprints that are achievable within 13 weeks. These help you understand that action needs to be taken much sooner. Chunk down the quarters into weekly actions which means that the end goal is much more likely to be met.

  1. Focus on the important

Focus on what makes your business successful in the New Year. Many small business owners focus on a range of KPI’s (key performance indicators), some of these are vital to the success of the business, but many are immaterial and take away the laser-sharp focus needed on the key numbers. Make sure your KPI’s are ‘leading’ by focusing on actions, not the results. Focus on these key statistics, and make sure every effort is made to hit these targets.

  1. Remember to keep a work and life balance during this period

Remember that your family are at home to help you through this difficult time when it could feel there isn’t a lot happening. Business occurs in circles and it will soon pick up. Don’t spend too much time dwelling on what is usually a slow month.

  1. Try to forget the past year

There have been some major distractions in the past year, from Brexit to the US General Election. Try to forget everything that has happened last year and start afresh. Don’t get sucked in by the headlines that are posted in the media, as this will distract you from your business. Work with the situation in January, don’t get phased by it.

  1. Use the right attitude

Overcome the January hurdles. Yes, it can be a very slow month, but this is one obstacle that can be overcome very quickly. Have the right attitude when you start in January. Don’t come in being miserable, but be the leader that can lift everyone’s morale in the tricky month.

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