Cloud accounting softwareGone are the days of sending printed ledgers. Accounting in the cloud is the new way to balance the books.

Businesses of all sizes are now looking to cloud accounting software to complement or replace their traditional in-house systems. As business owners seek out the best way to balance the books, many are turning to the cloud to effectively juggle their accounts payable and accounts receivable. In this blog we’ve highlighted the top four reasons why your business should embrace this growing force over traditional accounting software.

1. Cloud accounting software is safe

Safety is a major concern for many accountants. Sensitive information like ledgers and the company balance sheet, are only as secure as your office security. Invoices stored on your premises could come under threat to accidental abuse, criminal activity, fire or flood, for example. There’s also a cost attached in buying in specialist software to protect sensitive data from attack by viruses, spam or phishing. In contrast, balancing the books on the cloud can offer military-grade security.

2. You can exchange documents freely

Exchanging documents through cloud bookkeeping software eliminates the time and expense of printing and posting out paper copies, and the risks of sending them by email. Instead you simply upload the files and your clients are automatically alerted that their documents are ready.

The outgoings associated with using paper in double entry bookkeeping like printing and filing VAT returns are reduced to an absolute minimum, while your staff no longer spend their time on other time-consuming accounting tasks.

No time is wasted in gaining approvals either as clients can electronically approve any number of source documents.

3. Work from any location, to your own schedule

Accountants today need to be able to access critical software systems at any time and from any location. Do your accounts in the cloud, and you’ll be able to manage your business revenue anywhere.

There’s no need to take along your laptop either, as your software is accessible from any web-enabled device, such as a tablet or smartphone – you can just open up an internet browser, log in and you’re away.

4. Free from IT headaches

As a cloud devotee you won’t be interrupted by hardware crashes, maintenance and upgrades.

Some businesses also find that it offers staff the flexibility to work partly from home, to manage a domestic crisis or perhaps to phase back into work after an illness.

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