We’ve been writing a lot of late about how KashFlow’s accounting software has been helping our customers see success, with time saving, easy-to-use and efficient solutions for the financial management side of their businesses.

But it’s not just our small business customers that KashFlow is helping. In fact, KashFlow has a valued community of forward thinking accountant partners who use our software as part of their professional services.Caplan Associates Use

KashFlow partner Caplan Associates for example says KashFlow is a “cloud accounting leader”, helping them achieve better efficiency and success at the practice.

Caplan Associates is based in Rickmansworth, with a client list across Watford, Hertfordshire and London. They offer a full range of a services including accountancy, taxation and business advice services.

But much like how KashFlow isn’t your run-of-the mill accounting software provider Caplan Associates isn’t an ordinary accountancy practice.

The practice prides itself on being really approachable, professional and effective, and they recognise right off that accounting and bookkeeping are not the things that people enjoy spending time doing. Instead, they’ve developed an approach to help take the hassle out of the necessary accounting needs of their clients, offering a friendly, cheerful and enthusiastic service.

Caplan Associates founder Philip Caplan has helped forge this welcome approach:

“It may be that I’m so nosey, but I like to know all about my clients! In this way I can give them the best advice and make sure all financial areas are looked at rather than just for instance, accounts or tax returns.”

The practice has also embraced technology to achieve better efficiency, not only to see success in what they do, but also to deliver the best possible experience for their clients. And KashFlow, so says Philip Caplan, is a major part of this.

The practice joined up with KashFlow in 2009, and as IRIS accountancy software users, were “delighted” when KashFlow was acquired by the software giants last year.

“There are many companies supplying cloud accounting software but we were concerned that some of them might disappear due to competition. Clients do not like having to change software! As IRIS compliant software users we were delighted when they acquired KashFlow in 2013 as this gave the KashFlow brand a greater prestige and durability.”

The Caplan Associates and KashFlow partnership has also helped open up more client possibilities for the practice.

“When we look at the new clients the practice has taken on in the last few years the majority of brand-new businesses are opting for KashFlow. Even some established businesses who have been using rival products have changed over to KashFlow.”

Their clients have also praised the KashFlow offering, and according to Caplan, the majority of his clients who tried accounting software solutions found KashFlow the easiest to use and the most supportive (thanks to our award winning, dedicated support team.)

“Undoubtedly the most important function that has helped us as a practice using KashFlow is the ability to remotely set up the software for a client, to be able to keep a watching brief and perhaps most important for a client is that they are able to speak to us and can both in real-time look at the same data.”

“As a practice that has embraced technology in order to become more efficient and provide the best experience for clients; KashFlow, has and is a major tool in reaching those goals.”

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