Cloud based solutions are fast becoming the industry standard for most sectors, and it’s one of the key features that has made our online software so successful.

So we’re really glad that our simple, effective software is helping other cloud based businesses maximise their potential, allowing them to get on with growing their business while we take care of the accounting.Butterware

Such as the brilliantly named Butterware, an online software solution designed specifically for the lunch-to-go industry in the UK, and which is growing “confidently” with the seamless integration of KashFlow.

Butterware produces software that allows lunch retailers like sandwich shops to run their own website and take customer orders online. Using Butterware, shops can control their online menu and orders, and also set up collection and delivery services. Orders are printed directly within their shop premises, ready for preparation and collection, allowing the shop owners to get on with serving in-store customers and building their businesses.

Each business gets their own website, with their own brand, and the sites are compatible with a variety of payment options including cash, GoCardless, credit or debit cards or invoicing. The Butterware solution also offers built-in marketing tools (like newsletters, vouchers, and ‘recommend-a-friend’ deals), to help increase customer loyalty and business growth.

How has KashFlow helped?

Butterware’s Louise Morton says KashFlow’s cloud based, simple software has made running the business less stressful, particularly because of the seamless integration of KashFlow with their own cloud systems. With KashFlow, all Butterware’s invoices are issued automatically, and all activity on their accounts is tracked and recorded, saving them “a huge amount of time.”

“Being a start up, managing your cash flow efficiently is a really important, but quite dull aspect of the business. Automating many of our processes using KashFlow’s API allows us to grow confidently, safe in the knowledge that we’re not wasting time issuing invoices, correcting mistakes, and trying to keep track of payment. It makes life much simpler and less stressful, so we can get on with running our business.”

Thanks Butterware and good luck!


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