Growth strategies and business development goals should always be a priority for any growing business, but these are critical aspects that often come secondary to other business necessities like accounting.

Among the many pitfalls new businesses can fall into, is the accounting and bookkeeping quagmire that can swallow up time, energy and often resources in an attempt to make sense of it all.

Cloud accounting solutions like KashFlow make this critical (but often less exciting) aspect of running your own business much easier, giving owners and managers extra time and the peace of mind to focus on growth.

drivenemployeeTake KashFlow customer The Driven Employee, for example, who credit our simple and effective cloud accounting software with helping them stay focused on their business development.

The Driven Employee is a Cumbria based consultancy and training business that began in 2013, delivering leadership and management development programmes to help drive genius within other companies. The Driven Employee prides itself on enabling organisations to achieve success through their people, offering solutions to resolve any issues, enhance teamwork and reduce conflict in the workplace.

The group offers a range of services, including Human Resource Consultancy, Ability Skills Testing & Personality Profiling, Mentoring, Business Executive & Coaching and more. The still growing company has also developed its own ‘Driven Employee’ success model, based on the peak performance behaviours they believe contribute towards becoming a ‘Driven Employee’. With this model, and a personal, bespoke approach to their offering, the business is fast building an excellent reputation.

How has KashFlow helped?

Martin Hughes, Director of The Driven Employee, says KashFlow has added crucial time savings to the business, reducing the manual effort it would usually take to generate invoices, chase payments and handle VAT.

“KashFlow allows us to keep a ‘real time’ check on our income and expenditure, to produce reports at the touch of a button and to identify our income streams in a variety of different ways such as graphs and bar charts. The system is extremely efficient and works in partnership with your accountant, reducing the time needed to produce end of year accounts therefore freeing up time to discuss business development.”

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