There’s are many reasons why KashFlow customers love our accounting software, and it has been wonderful to hear so many customer testimonials about our role in their success.

Among the range of effective accounting and bookkeeping features our customers are seeing real benefits from, is the access they all have to over 50 detailed reports about their finances. Everything from Profit and Loss, Balance Sheets, Trial Balance reports, and many more, which are all aimed at giving even non-accounting types a really thorough understanding of how their business is performing.BuildEnergy

It’s a feature that that our customer Build Energy Ltd says has helped them achieve real growth, allowing them to analyse and monitor their performance, and set realistic, measurable goals.

Build Energy Ltd is a Dorset based environmental consultancy offering testing, a wide variety of services and consultancy for the built environment, with a range of clients from self-builders, homeowners and architects, through to large construction groups. They provide assessment and consultations against UK and global environmental standards, such as BREEAM, the Code for Sustainable Homes and Ecohomes, as well as a full portfolio of compliance services for both domestic and non-domestic schemes.

The business, which started very small in 2007 (back when Director Pete Mitchell was a home-based sole trader) has grown steadily year-on-year. It was incorporated in 2011, and is now also a member of several leading industry bodies such as the BRE and Passivhaus Institute. On top of that, the business can boast long term trusted relationships with their clients, which they owe to exceptional, peerless service.

How has KashFlow helped?

Build Energy director Pete Mitchell says KashFlow’s intuitive, easy-to-use accounting software has changed the way the business is run, allowing them (among others things) to create instant quotes and invoices, work faster, and keep close control of the books.

“It has changed our business for the better by providing the very powerful reporting tools which we use everyday. It’s key to us that the whole team is involved in our growth and success, and so our weekly meetings are driven by specific KPIs – KPIs which we are only able to measure because of the reporting and analysis tools within KashFlow. We can constantly monitor everything from the weekly P&L, to where our customers are coming from, to how many widgets we sold that week. The reporting and analysis tools have really helped us grow.”

Thanks Build Energy and good luck!


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