We’ve been writing a lot recently about our software, and how it’s easy-to-use and effective features (and the brilliant addons it integrates with) is helping our small business customers achieve success.

Part of that success for many customers is the ease in which they can manage their bookkeeping in collaboration with their accountants, saving time, saving hassle and ultimately helping achieve a healthy, growing business. Sophie Jewry

Our customer Brand Kitchen is one of many businesses’ whose KashFlow account can be accessed by their accountants, a feature of KashFlow’s that make for better collaboration and management for both business owners and accountants.

Brand Kitchen is a still growing company that helps and supports women in business create a brand, be more productive and achieve a better work/life balance. Run by award winning social entrepreneur Sophie Jewry (pictured), the business aims to motivate, inspire and support women as they grow their own business.

Brand Kitchen offers a variety of services to help with business growth and development. As well as branding tools (like marketing and social media help), the company also offers online courses and workshops that give women the necessary knowledge to boost their brand and attract more clients. Sophie also offers one-on-one coaching for women who want extra support to achieve their goals.

How has KashFlow helped?

Sophie uses KashFlow’s time saving and simple software as part of her accounting success plan, which includes collaborating with her accountant. She also loves the addons that can be seamlessly (and easily!) integrated with her KashFlow account, which all helps make the business more efficient and successful.

“KashFlow helps me keep on top of my money with the easy to use reports. I like being able to glance at the overview graphs and see where I’m at – it encourages me to track my progress and get more work done! It’s made doing my accounts much easier as I am a mac user and don’t have to fiddle about installing anything – I just log on and I’m there, from any computer I wish to use. My accountant has access so it makes end of year accounting even easier as it all happens in real-time. All of this saves me time and effort to make bookkeeping easier and more enjoyable. I have and will continue to recommend clients and contacts to use Kashflow for their business accounts.”

Thanks Brand Kitchen and good luck!


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