Staying ahead in the SME market, whatever sector you’re in, is so important for growing businesses. As is keeping track of your finances and ensuring everything balances.

The cruel reality however, is that the more businesses grow, the more time and effort they need to spend on the accounting side of things. And unless their business is accounting, tasks like balancing books, managing invoicing, financial reporting (and everything else involved) can actually stand in the way of more growth.BlackTruffle

Which is why businesses, like KashFlow customer Black Truffle, swear by our easy-to-use, effective, cloud based software as an important ingredient in their recipe for growth.

Black Truffle is an award-winning London based fashion boutique featuring gorgeous designer shoes and clothing. It originally opened in the famous Broadway Market in London’s East End in 2003. But after three successful years, the little shop was no longer so little, and by 2009 the shoe boxes were packed up and a larger shop was opened, just down the street.

Fast forward to 2014 and there are two Black Truffle stores, an online shop, a teaching studio, several employees and thousands of fashion items bought from around the world every season.

Black Truffle has been the winner of The Drapers ‘Footwear Awards for Best New Shoe Store in the UK’, and also shortlisted for The Drapers ‘UK Independent Footwear Store of the Year’ award. Time Out magazine also voted Black Truffle amongst its top 50 stores in London.

What role has KashFlow played in this success?

Store founder Melissa Needham says that back in the day when there was one store the bookkeeping could be handled with just some basic spreadsheets. But with great growth, has come the necessity for better accounting solutions, and for Black Truffle, the answer has been KashFlow.

“Kashflow is so user friendly it has freed up time to concentrate on the business itself rather than admin. Having an online based bookkeeping system like Kashflow also is a massive bonus. I can maintain our accounts from anywhere in the world as long as I have an internet connection. Before KashFlow I used to really struggle with keeping a handle on stuff like that but now I can do so easily – and I’m no financial wizard either. I’m just passionate about my business, motivated to grow it, and very careful about making sure I have the right tools to help me and my team do that.”

Thanks Black Truffle and good luck!


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