Business 2012 is less than a week away and we’re getting psyched!! We’re talking trending on Twitter, plotting a treasure hunt, finalising stand designs, branding our own M&Ms and ordering light up sofas! (One of those is a lie, can you guess which?)

Anyhow, Business 2012 kicks off on Sunday, 18 March, with plenty of exhibitors, seminars (our very own Ben Southworth is hosting one to tell you why your website sucks) and quite a few exciting people milling about including Richard Branson and Alan Sugar. (We’ll give you a present if you can get them to do a photo shoot at our stand.)

Party at the KashFlow stand!

There may or may not be a disco ball or DJ, but we’ll definitely have all the essentials for the networking party that is Business 2012. Think phone chargers, sweet treats, stable wifi and KashFlow swag.

We’re also the official Twitter meeting point so all the cool kids will be here, tweeting their tweeps and relaxing away from the crowd. That means you should join. You can even use #Biz2012 to see your tweets come up on our big screen!

And if you’re interested in accounting software we can even answer your questions about KashFlow, talk through the software with you and sign you up for a trial account on the spot – that way you’ll be ready to invoice the next time you log in! (But we totally understand if you’d rather enjoy a coffee and see your name on the Twitter big screen for your 15 minutes of fame.)

Treasure Hunt

Come find the Business 2012 version of buried treasure by following our maps and clues around the exhibition hall and all the details will be in your exhibition pack.

Get the info on Twitter

Excited, right? Well, count yourself lucky because you don’t even have to wait till Sunday for the fun to start! Just hop on Twitter and use the #biz2012 to see who else is going and what’s happening. And @Biz2012 is already tweeting out some great tips and tricks you might want to keep in mind for the day, so you should probably keep an eye on them, too.

Excited? We are too. And it’s probably time for another coffee… See you on Sunday!

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