KashFlow, at its core, was developed to help small business owners easily manage their finances, without having to spend days on spreadsheets and invoicing (and without them needing to study accountancy to make sense of it all).

So we love hearing about how our software is helping entrepreneurs and other business owners see success in what they do, because bookkeeping and accounting shouldn’t be their priority if it isn’t their actual business. As our customer Betsy Bling says, KashFlow “frees up so much time which can be better spent concentrating on sales, orders and marketing.”BetsyBling

Betsy Bling is a UK based small business that customises branded footwear, clothing and accessories with high quality crystals, for truly individual, eye-catching attire. Their most popular items are crystal Converse shoes (for all ages), including blinged-out Converse wedding shoes. They also specialise in original Betsy Bling crystal Bridal Dr Martens, and children’s crystal Dr Martens.

Other brands that have received the Betsy Bling treatment are Ugg boots, Vans, Birkenstocks, and more. The business ships worldwide, and for its UK customer base, Betsy Bling customises the shoes and accessories clients send to them. On top of all this, Betsy Bling also offers a ‘bespoke’ treatment, so customers can get in touch for real individual treatment.

How has KashFlow helped?

Betsy Bling’s Fiona Brown says that before KashFlow, month end bookkeeping was a chore, that took valuable days to complete. But since using our simple, effective software, the accounting aspect of her business is much easier, leaving her with more time to focus on growing her business.

“I have been able to integrate the KashFlow software with my website so all sales are automatically entered into my books. I have also integrated my PayPal account so all online purchases, which is the huge majority of purchases for me, are instantly entered into my books so at the end of the month all I have to do is input a few receipts, print off a few reports and that’s the books done! For a few pounds a month it is well worth it. I would never change to any other accounting software.”

Thanks Betsy Bling and good luck!


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