Beta Testers RequiredAfter executing the plans laid out in my July blog post “Warning – this blog post may radically alter your business” – KashFlow has now been radically altered.

We’re now based in London and I’ve lured the CTO I’ve been after for years.

I’m now not allowed to touch any code myself and the development team, free of my interference, are turning out product enhancements based on your requests at least twice as fast as they were previously.

We’ve now got some pretty cool stuff that needs to be tested by a select group of actual customers before being released into the wild. First up (ready and waiting for you right now) is integration with FreshBooks. Soon our iPhone app will also need testing and I’m sure there will be plenty more to come.

So are you interested in testing some of these new features? We’d give you access to these new features before others get to use them in return for feedback on them, how we can improve it and if you can find any bugs.

If this sounds interesting to you (you sad, sad person!), contact [email protected] with your username and let them know you’re interested in being a beta tester.

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