The reasons why small business owners decided to go their own ways are as varied as the range of businesses themselves. But one thing they all have in common, no matter their business, is the desire to grow and succeed.

Growth however can so often be hampered by the valuable time spent on other parts of the business that, while necessary, distract from the reasons why the owners struck out on their own in the first place.

Like bookkeeping and accounting. It has to be done, but the hours that traditional book balancing, payment chasing, invoicing (and more) take up, could be much better spent actively growing a business. aspire

It’s one of the many reasons why KashFlow’s simple and effective accounting software is loved by our small business customers, like Aspire Leadership, because they get to focus on growing, while we take the hassle out of the accounts.

Aspire Leadership is a London based training company that offers unique, tailored business training courses in leadership, management, presentation and communication skills. Their courses are offered across the UK and internationally, with a wide range of clients from the public, private and third sector, small startups to multi-billion pound global enterprises.

With a wealth of real experience to draw on, and a style that is based on the belief that people learn more when they’re having fun, Aspire Leadership has seen real success since its inception. They offer such an extensive, results based range of training, that they can cater for the needs of most organisations. They even have e-learning options, face-to-face coaching and so much more.

How has KashFlow helped?

Aspire Leadership cofounder and Executive Coach Bronia Szczygiel says KashFlow’s easy-to-use accounting software has helping the growing business stay in control and see growth, by making things simple and saving lots of time. KashFlow’s seamless integration with payment processors like PayPal have also helped make the financial management of the business easier.

“The integration with Paypal and the ability to configure payment terms by customer makes life so much simpler. Keeping track of the quotes and invoices we’ve sent out and being able to send automatic reminders for payment means we know exactly where we are financially and get paid more reliably, without spending all day checking things manually. The ease of use of the system means we have more time for all the other things we need to do to grow the business.” Tweet this

Thanks Aspire Leadership and good luck!


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