When KashFlow began, it included just a handful of very basic features – simple sequential invoice numbering, the ability to mark invoices and paid or not paid and…well, that was about it. From there, Duane added new features by getting in touch with the first twenty customers and asking ‘Ok, what should I add now?’ Over the years, that approach has stayed pretty much the same – the new features we’ve added have been the ones most requested by customers, and that’s still how things are done today (albeit using some slightly fancier tools to do it). And we’re not getting complacent – we know there’s always more to do. Lately we’ve been experimenting with new ways, like surveys and Qualaroo, to gather feedback from our users.

As a result of this, we hope that the majority of our users are pretty happy with KashFlow. The software has even won some awards in the past…

KashFlow awards

…but most awards, although nice to win, don’t really help to validate our methodology – it’s you folks we’re working to impress, not a panel of experts who have no experience running a small business. With that in mind, one reason we enter the Software Satisfaction Awards every year is that they’re voted for by actual users. The fact that we’ve won Best Accounting Software for SMEs at the SSAs for five of the past six years demonstrates to us that even if we can’t please EVERYONE, we’re at least on the right track.

You probably know what’s coming  by now, right? Yep, voting is now open for this year’s awards. If you enjoy the software, we’d really appreciate your vote. Entry takes just a couple of minutes and puts you into the running to win £1,000 worth of Amazon vouchers, not to mention the fact that you’ll also get a heap of sincere gratitude from us!

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