ConnectMyApps and KashFlow partnership

Are you struggling with buggy applications to take care of CRM, time management and payment processing? In the sphere of accounting-related technology, it’s crucial that so-called third-party applications integrate with core platforms and software. But many users do not know what true integration is supposed to look like and are often disillusioned when they get to work. More and more organisations are looking to hop on the cloud wagon, but are often faced with application and data integration roadblocks.

KashFlow has now teamed up with ConnectMyApps to provide an app-etising experience for users to integrate their account with some of the most popular E-Commerce, Point of Sale and CRM applications that include Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, Salesforce, ZohoCRM and Vend HQ.

This is an exciting partnership for the KashFlow user base as it promises to automate and simplify the whole integration process. Users can now achieve great results with their tasks, projects, workflows and dashboards to streamline their integration lifecycle management.

To help new and existing users in the journey, we are hosting a free webinar on Wednesday 16 March introducing SMEs to ConnectMyApps and the opportunities to grow their online sales presence using KashFlow. Click here to register and feel free to share with your customers.

Why ConnectMyApps?

ConnectMyApps is a dynamic, innovative software integration platform for small and medium sized businesses that allows you synchronise data between your KashFlow system and a number of leading E-Commerce, CRM and POS systems.

It’s important for small businesses to ask questions about what problems their product aims to solve? How will data look when it’s pushed on to the platform they are using? ConnectMyApps workflows update existing contacts as well as creating new contacts, rather than just a one-time data transfer. This is especially relevant for CRM integrations.

It removes tedious admin tasks, saving you time and money and ensuring you have correct, consistent information whenever you need it. Using simple workflows, that can be set up quickly and easily using the Workflow Wizard, you can connect your KashFlow account to transfer new orders, create or synchronise your existing customer base and much more.

Full details of the workflows and applications available can be found by visiting A step-by-step guide to setting up ConnectMyApps is available on our Knowledge Base.


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