Not having accounting knowledge or experience keeping books shouldn’t be a barrier for those wanting to start their own business, and thankfully, in most cases it isn’t.

But the reality is that accounting and bookkeeping are necessary, worry inducing elements of a running a business that many owners and managers battle with. And when too much time is spent on this particular battle, not enough time is spent on doing the thing that made you want to start your own business in the first place.

So it’s great to hear how many KashFlow customers are better able to focus on the different services their businesses offer, with our software taking the hassle out of accounting for them. CTT Consulting is one such business boasting serious time savings and peace of mind thanks to KashFlow.CTTlogo

CTT Consulting is a Dubai based PR consulting company that offer their services to other companies within the United Arab Emirates, and those outside who want to promote their own business to people living in the Gulf Cooperation Council. Working mainly with hospitality and lifestyle clients like hotel groups, restaurant chains and international companies, CTT Consulting offers effective solutions for brand recognition and awareness.

The CTT Consulting team are leaders in social media and online communications and aim to generate not only excellent media coverage, but also other key PR opportunities, such as pitching features and initiating effective events. With a personal, hands-on approach to their clients PR requirements, CTT Consulting are going from strength to strength.

How has KashFlow helped?

CTT Consulting’s Caroline Tapken says that back when she set up the business, the accounting was simple, with just a few clients whose invoices she could easily manage herself. But with the business continuing to grow (along with her client list), so did her need for a better accounting system. Thanks to the recommendation of a family friend, she soon started using KashFlow and hasn’t looked back.

“Accounting does not take up much of my valuable time, yet I know the figures I have are accurate. No calculators; no late nights trying to balance the books. As we have taken on more clients and more complicated contracts, the facility to keep track of quotes and turn them into invoices has helped ease the paperwork and means I don’t lose track of what has been quoted or invoiced. Historical client data is useful and keeping track of all my small suppliers in one place is great. I think even my friendly accountant is happy with me!”

Thanks CTT Consulting and good luck!


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