Free PRWhen you’re starting a new business, every penny counts. So I thought I’d share a lesson I’ve learnt on how you can get free PR for your business.

Engaging a PR firm can be expensive, doing it yourself can be time consuming and frustrating.

So how about getting some of the very best PR firms in the industry getting your name out there for free?

It’s frighteningly simple. Odds are, although you’re a small business you use a number of suppliers that are big established businesses that spend a lot of money on PR.

Find out who looks after PR for your suppliers, call the agency and find out who handles the account. Let them know you’re a very happy customer of Big Co, and you’re more than happy to go on record to say as much, to be used as a case study, to provide quotes for press releases or to attend events as a customer and talk to journalists about how Big co are helping you to grow your business.

Very simple, but very effective. And more importantly, free.

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