The cloud revolution has ushered in serious changes to how people manage their businesses and their business relationships. But despite the advent of cloud accounting solutions, the traditional client and accountant relationship has been much slower to change. We think there’s a better way.


Accounting may not be the most exciting part of running your own business but it’s arguably the most important. Without accurate, well balanced accounts, a small business can too easily fall victim to the quicksand that is poor financial management.

The simple fact is that it doesn’t matter how great your product is, how much support you have, or even how much money you’re making, bad accounting practice is a small business killer.

Using cloud accounting software is just one way to stay on top of things, with simple and effective solutions that make running a business easier. Having a professional accountant on board is also important, but not just because they understand the ins and outs of tax legislation or because they can miraculously make sense of your receipt collection.

At KashFlow, we believe cloud solutions offer a better way of working together, a way that gives businesses more control of their finances, while still empowering their accountants take on a more valuable, advisory focused role.

For accountants integrating cloud solutions into their practices, and offering cloud based accounting as a value added service, are a must to stay ahead and compete in the changing accountancy industry. However, it’s not just about having a competitive edge in this still developing space. It’s also about achieving new levels of productivity, while also offering a deeper level of service to clients.

Watch our 7 minute mini series and see KashFlow demo company Gourmand Catering find a better way with our demo accountants Andrews and Brown:

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