Statistically there are far more people on the planet that won’t bother reading this blog post than those that will. So you, dear reader, are in a very small minority.

So listed here are the top 7 reasons why you shouldn’t bother reading this blog post:

1) It’s just another pointless list

Blog posts with the title  “x reasons why z” are popping up all over the place. People like lists. And 7 seems to be the magic number.

There are 3.4m hits in  Google search for “7 reasons” blog compared to 2.1m for “6 reasons” and just 984k for “8 reasons”.

“10 reasons” has over 10m results. But 10 is too round. It suggests there will be a few “filler” entries. Whereas 7 says “I’ve really thought about it, and I’m not going to add 3 more just to hit a round number”.

2) You have better things to do with your time

You should be doing something else, shouldn’t you?

You saw this post get mentioned on Twitter and you clicked through to have a look. Now you’re reading this instead of doing what you *should* be doing.

Stop reading now and go and do it.

3) There are much better lists

There are much better lists on this blog you should be reading instead:

–  “4 Things you Probably Didn’t Know about Twitter
– or “3 Marketing Lessons From The Bathroom
– or “4 Things your New SaaS App Must Have
– or “5 Reasons To Start a Business In a Recession

4) You’re being used

This blog post has no value to you whatsoever. It’s blatantly been posted because I knew you’d click the link and have a read.

Then hopefully you’d poke around the site, maybe discover the Tugg Gently videos or better still take a free trial of our kick-arse accounting software.

Making you aware of our accounting software for small businesses  and getting the KashFlow name in front of you is the only purpose of this blog post. That has now been achieved, so stop reading now.

5) It doesn’t deliver

Now that the post has done what it’s intended to do, there’s no point me adding any more reasons to this list.

So although you were expecting 7 reasons, you’re only getting 5.

I told you you shouldn’t have bothered.

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