Digital nomadDigital nomads make a full-time living from their laptop, allowing them to work from anywhere, whether that’s their living room or a Wi-Fi enabled coffee shop. Digital nomads can be freelancers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and full-time employees who work exclusively online. For the right person, the digital nomad lifestyle is awesome. For the wrong person, it’s nothing short of a nightmare. Here are 3 signs that being a digital nomad is right for you.

  1. You can’t stand the office environment

You believe life’s too short to spend half of it in a stuffy office. You are at your most productive when on the move, inspiration comes from and creative juices flow better when you are jumping between differing working environments. You can practically work anywhere.

  1. Flexibility is not an issue

Because you jump between environments you don’t have to work within the confines of 9 to 5. You work at a time in tune with your body clock. So you manage your time wisely by working at times when you are at your most productive, project management software like Asana can help.

  1. Time management

Being a small business owner requires a high level of self-discipline. Distractions are very real but you appreciate that if you don’t work then you won’t get paid. You are also savvy enough to use software that saves you time that either lets you work on other areas crucial to your business or spending it enjoying a good work-life balance.

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