Taxes Dashboard and VAT Improvements

Another improvement to our accounting software based on feedback from our customers:

Introducing the new Taxes Dashboard to KashFlow. The Taxes dashboard brings your VAT and your Self-Assessment together into one easy to use tab.

We have been very busy improving KashFlow for our users. As well as behind the scenes tweaks, below are some of the changes which you will see in your account.


  • Reversals – KashFlow will now not allow you to delete a transaction which has been submitted to a VAT return. Instead, we will create a reversal for you. This also includes amendments to data submitted on a VAT return.
  • Customisable report – You can now customise your VAT report by clicking on the Customise tab.
  • New Download – You can now directly see what payments contribute to your boxes in your VAT return.
  • VAT Journals – We will now pass Sales and Purchase values on your Journal to the VAT return and not just the VAT values.
  • CSV Export – You can now export all your previously submitted VAT returns to a CSV file.
  • Dashboard Money You Owe/Money Owed to You – This feature now includes VAT.
  • 0% and N/A Report – You can now see what transactions are 0% or N/A in a report.

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