Card payments refresh and more!

Another improvement to our accounting software based on feedback from our customers:

Here at KashFlow we’ve had our foot on the gas with our October release!

Here are the changes you can expect to see as of 03/10/2018.


  • Firstly, you will notice that we no longer have a Payments menu on the left hand side. Customer feedback showed this to be slightly confusing!
  • We have renamed “Card Options” to be “Receiving Payments” as this makes it clearer what it actually does.
  • Once you’re into Receiving Payments under the Settings tab you will notice a cleaner and refreshing look.
  • We’ve moved the Pay Online button out of the provider screen and onto the payment area to make it easier for you when setting up your provider and button. You will now check on whether you want the pay online button to show at the point of setting up the payment provider, or upon subsequent entry to the settings area.  The Pay Online area is now housed under Settings -> Invoice Options but can be accessed from the Receiving Payments area.

We want our customers to be aware that we have a great card and direct debit payment integrations, which benefits you in many ways. Mainly getting your invoices paid faster!

  • We will let our customers know at the point of creating an invoice that they don’t have Card Payments switched on. Should you have a card processor connected then you won’t see this.
  • As above this will also show on the Aged Debtors report.

Customers and Suppliers tweaks

  • You can now toggle the statistics on/off – It’s a persistent setting, so if you turn it off on one customer, it won’t show for any
  • We’ve worked on the behaviour of the filters on the customer and supplier tab. If a filter is applied to the customer. Again this is another persistent setting. Should you log out and back in then the filter will stick.
  • We’ve moved the transaction tab to be the primary and default tab. Before it was the Profile tab, however, customers told us that they used the transaction tab more regularly.
  • Prior to this release, once you had amended their filters, you then had to click “Run” to get them executed. This is now done dynamically as the filters are selected
  • We’ve added a new filter for Accounting Period. This will only show in the list if accounting periods have been specified in Company Details

Mileage for Limited Companies

  • Following our Successful release of Mileage into KashFlow – This is now available to Customers who have chosen Limited Company in the Company Details section. Previously this only showed for Sole Traders and Partnerships.
  • Finally – WalkMe for Mileage. You will notice on the right you have a HelpMe tab – Click on this to be shown how to set up Mileage and how to add a Mileage claim all on screen

Bugs and tweaks

  • We’ve fixed an issue where the Options tab wasn’t loading on Suppliers
  • Visuals issue on Internet Explorer – This was only a problem on the Receiving Payments page
  • A problem with importing Sage Journals – The journals would import base on nominal ID rather than Date and Reference. This has since been fixed.
  • Searching alphanumeric values would give you an error.
  • Bank Feeds – Matching Rules – Importing a negative Purchase Receipt would cause a positive payment
  • Unable to create a direct debit through GoCardless when attaching an existing account to KashFlow

Thank you for all your feedback leading up to this release. Should you have anymore please do get in contact with us on [email protected]

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